Our History

As an owner and member of an executive management team of a manufacturing company in Wisconsin, Steve Van Remortel played a lead role in developing and executing the annual strategic plan. From that experience, Steve learned several strategic lessons they didn’t teach in graduate school:

  • Privately-held companies often struggle to find an outside resource that specializes in strategy and talent development
  • Plan development is the easy part; effective execution requires discipline , perseverance, and accountability
  • The value of a plan is not measured by the written plan but by the results of execution
  • Internal facilitators (employees) can create a good plan but external planning advisors can develop a great plan by addressing sensitive and family issues
  • Great external advisors put your company first and prove it within the process
  • External advisors are effective in driving project completion but must be managed to control cost and to experience an attractive ROI
  • Utilizing a proven planning model is critical to ensure that all issues are resolved and all opportunities are evaluated
  • Planning models must be customized to the type of business
  • If done properly, the annual planning process will create enthusiasm and momentum

These lessons and experience led to the founding of SM Advisors, Inc. by Steve Van Remortel in 1999. Van Remortel vowed not to be just another consulting company. His unique approach meets the specific strategy and talent planning needs of privately-held businesses.

The two fundamentals of business: Strategy and Talent. It’s all we do.