Values & Beliefs / Mission Statement

Values and beliefs are an essential part of the strategic plan because they guide the behavior of our organization while executing the plan. They are the moral guidelines that our organization sets for itself in dealing with our environment. They help mold the scope of the programs and services that our organization offers, as well as the partners we select.

SM Advisors Values and Beliefs:

  • The long-term success of our client’s business is top priority!
  • We will uphold our values and practice the highest level of integrity in all our relationships by providing honest, straightforward and research-supported counsel
  • We believe that plan execution is as important, if not more important, than plan development and we believe strongly in assisting in plan execution to ensure our clients’ success
  • We value each individual and have a passion to help them achieve personal and professional growth
  • Through education, training and research, we will seek continuous improvement in our strategic planning models, methodologies and advisors
  • We will remain focused on what we do best and not jeopardize our client’s business by offering counsel in areas outside our expertise
  • We will have fun while building meaningful relationships with our families, clients, colleagues, friends and partners within our communities

We have purposefully developed and put action plans in place to help us “live” our Values & Beliefs

Mission Statement

SM Advisors assists organizations in developing a differentiated strategy and building a skill set aligned team to execute the plan. Over 90% of SM Advisors clients experience an increase in profitability.

Those Who Plan – PROFIT!®