Those Who Plan – PROFIT!® – Is the battle cry of SM Advisors and it is what happens when you implement the Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream process in your organization.

How much time do you spend working “on” the business? Are you stuck working “in” the business, fighting day-to-day issues and feel like you are not moving forward? Are you constantly being negotiated on price? Is there a lack of focus for you and your company?

SM Advisors will customize your planning process using the “Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream” process with proven proprietary methodologies that will focus on the key fundamentals of every successful strategy:

  • A clearly defined competence/differentiation that will deliver tangible value to your current and potential customers
  • Target markets that will value and pay for your competence
  • Clearly defined vision with measurements
  • Action plans to strengthen and deliver your competence every day
  • Department plans that detail the action plans needed to work “on” the business by department. As each department completes their action plans, the success of the organization accelerates
  • A plan execution program that creates a culture of accountability to ensure your plan is implemented

             Are you “Selling Vanilla Ice Cream?” If so, it’s time to stop! 

SM Advisors has taken part in over 1000 planning processes in over 350 industries. We have the experience and background to help accelerate the success of your organization.

With SM Advisors, Those Who Plan – PROFIT! ®

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