Building Your Business Value Prior to Selling

For years you have been the focal point of the organization and given everything to your business. However, lately your priorities in life are starting to change. You want to take more time off or perhaps exit the business completely.

For business owners who want to bring more balance into their lives:

  • We will help you build a skill set aligned team that will foster the leadership needed to afford some earned freedom for you
  • We’ll help put systems in place so the company will function effectively, whether you are there or not
  • We will develop and execute a plan so everyone knows what needs to be done

For business owners who want to sell their business:
SM Advisors will assist you in developing & executing a plan that will build your personal wealth and net worth.

  • As part of the process, we will identify, minimize or eliminate the issues that detract from the organizational value
  • Buyers place greater value on an organization that has a plan in place
  • Over 90% of SM Advisors’ clients make more money, which leads to a higher purchase price. Because, Those Who Plan – PROFIT!®

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