Communication That’s Real

Communication! It’s what nearly every company wants to improve! In a culture where email and text messaging have taken over the verbal communication of our society, we are lacking the skills to REALLY communicate.

Experience real communication, just like our clients. Communication that is refreshing their teams, their leaders and their vision for the future!

The Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Process creates a very candid and direct environment that allows the team to work through its sensitive issues. Not only will the communication plan outline proper, respectful communication but will also uncover the different ways people think, and how they view challenges differently. You will learn how to be successful at communicating with different behavioral styles. You must first seek to understand before you can be understood.

As a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, SM Advisors will train you on how to tear down the walls and build a cohesive high performance team. We specialize in:

  • Team building
  • Team communication plans
  • Individual communication plans
  • Individual and leadership development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Coaching
  • Action plan creation for continuous improvement

Our team development process creates team breakthroughs on a consistent basis. Communication is at the core of change. You cannot expect things in your company to change automatically. You must first learn how to communicate with each other. Once you have that you will be unstoppable.

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