Department Plan Development

One of the strategy fundamentals of the Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Process is department planning.

The most successful and profitable organizations have become experts at department planning. Each department in the organization develops and executes a department plan which includes action plans to work “on” the business. As each department executes their action plans to work “on” the business, it accelerates the success of your organization.

Department Plan Development

  • Department plans include action plans for each department: sales, financial, operations, etc.
  • After the development of the strategic plan, each departmental leader will be required to complete a department plan that supports the new strategic direction of the company
  • Department plans drive the execution of the strategic plan to all employees of the organization
  • Department plans create accountability within each department by detailing who is responsible to accomplish what, and when in the given year
  • Department plans detail what the department is going to accomplish in a monthly time frame to help the company achieve its corporate goals
  • The departmental leader engages all team members in the department planning process
  • SM Advisors provides outlines and samples of what should be included in each department plan
  • SM Advisors has experience in developing and writing department plans for all functional areas

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