The Plan to Increase Profitability

Profit is not a strategy but it is the result of a great strategy. A great strategy is a result of a great process that optimizes simultaneously the strategy and talent of your organization. Over 90% of all SM Advisors clients experience an increase in sales and profitability in the first year. Those Who Plan – PROFIT!®

Every company started as someone’s dream – the difference between a dream and that dream becoming reality is the well-executed plan you put in place to achieve success! Unfortunately, the majority of companies that DO NOT PLAN lose sight of the dream and tread water, trying to survive! There are a variety of needs and challenges that prompt a company to plan – Read what our clients said about their desire to change.

Client quotes:

  • “Our company is constantly being sold on price.” – Sound familiar?
  • “Everyone feels overworked, but it appears we don’t move forward.” – Create balance in your life
  • “No one is accountable for what they do.” – Let us help establish company-wide ownership and accountability
  • “We need to create one realistic vision to guide all our decisions.” – Daily decisions need to be based on the Vision, not personal variables
  • “We want to develop a cohesive and focused team.” – The team is the key to the dream
  • “We want to stop playing by the competitor’s rules, and stop being so reactive.” – We’ll help you be Proactive!

Client desires:

  • Bring focus and momentum to increase sales and profitability
  • Create a starting point for a new business or division
  • The need to turn around poor company performance
  • Resolve the “real” issues and “sacred cows” that impede growth
  • Develop or strengthen niche (competence) by matching strength(s) to external opportunities
  • Promote more strategic thinking throughout the company
  • Develop (tactical) detailed action plans for every department
  • Create shareholder value – This is valuable and powerful! Have some fun while building a profitable company
  • Help make the dream a reality through plan.
  • Be successful and enjoy a prosperous life

These clients HAVE changed and are ALL more focused and heading to the dream.

SM Advisors will meet with you for a no charge consultation. Maybe in the process you can re-spark that dream! You have nothing to lose. Get back on track to achieving your dream.

Call: 920-884-8442 for your consultation.

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