Why Choose SM Advisors

A successful Track Record ! – Over 90% of SM Advisors clients experience an increase in PROFIT! That is the result of Implementing the Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Process into your organization.

SM Advisors clearly differentiates itself through its expertise in the two fundamentals of business: Strategy and Talent. Through the Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Process we will help you develop a differentiated strategy and build a skill-set aligned high performance team to execute the plan. That is our expertise and our track record proves that no one does it better. Those Who Plan – PROFIT!®

What are some of the key differentiators to the Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream process?

Simplify a very complex process:

  • We outline the process with you ahead of time – a no surprise approach!
  • We help you avoid very common planning errors
  • We have a simple approach you can meld into your day-to-day functions
  • We introduce and utilize proven and disciplined planning models
  • We don’t hand you a plan and leave – we remain involved, assisting the leadership to stay accountable and on task


  • Our process gives us the unique ability to address the real issues and “sacred cows” most companies face!
  • We can speak candidly without political or hidden agendas
  • SM Advisors provides unbiased factually supported counsel, especially on sensitive issues
  • We will challenge the “we have always done it that way” mentality

Working with the Team:

  • SM Advisors’ holds the team and individuals accountable
  • We build a High Performance Team through our proprietary team development process
  • We act as an experienced and confidential sounding board
  • We avoid losing a contributing team member to the process leader role
  • We Build Teams (not barriers) – Everyone has valuable input – USE IT!
  • SM Advisors’ provides expert conflict resolution skills
  • SM Advisors is certified in 4 behavioral sciences that we use in the process to build a high performance team

Outside Experience:

  • SM Advisors brings a huge network of resources and contacts
  • We can transfer ideas and proven solutions from other industries
  • We have experience with the issues most companies face AND know how to resolve them!

Our process will ensure decisions are made and documented versus talking about an issue for hours with no resolution. SM Advisors’ will manage discussions to control dominant personalities and ensure that all voices are heard. We keep the process on schedule and on track.

Our expertise and competence is simple -We help companies, optimize simultaneously their strategy and talent at the same time. It’s our mint chocolate chip. It’s time to define yours!

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