Why Companies Don’t Plan

Below are a few reasons our clients shared before choosing to partner with SM Advisors.

Do these apply to your organization? It is common to have these thoughts. These thoughts separate the companies that choose to stay where they are, and those that become a high performance organization.

We’ve been doing it this way for 10 years, why change now?
Bad Experience
We tried a consultant once; it didn’t work.
It’s family owned, they are going to do it the way they want anyway.
No Time
We are so strapped with time just running the company, we can’t take time out to plan.
Waste of Time
Well, there’s another 5 hours of my life gone…
We were afraid to spend the money, things were already tight. Was this the best place to spend money right now?
No Crisis
Who needs a strategy? We are doing ok so far…
The leaders don’t agree or see the total value in it…

Do you think that planning is only for large companies?
Are you afraid to address the “real” issues?

Don’t let fears and excuses hold you back from the prosperity a strategic plan can bring your organization. It’s time to get focused.

Click here for CASE STUDIES and see what these same customers are saying NOW. You could actually be losing money each day you wait to plan.

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