Job Benchmarking

At SM Advisors, we utilize a patented job benchmarking process that is unique. We benchmark the job, not the people in the job. With the Key Accountability Process, you can “let the job talk” to know exactly what is needed for superior performance.

Our proven benchmarking process:

  • Allows the subject matter experts (those who know the position) to determine the key accountabilities of the job
  • Enables you to determine the behaviors, values, personal skills and task preferences required for superior performance
  • Clearly identifies what a top performer looks like in the position
  • Optimizes the talent of your current team by evaluating current position holder(s) against the benchmark and by building an individual development plans to optimize their potential
  • Eliminates bias in the hiring process; all candidates are compared to the same standard
  • Provides clarity and awareness about the position, which leads to hiring the right person
  • Not only helps you hire the right person, but also provides the information to create an individual development plan to optimize potential. Action plans with completion dates are created to ensure continuous improvement and accountability
  • Allows you to place the right person in the right position with a shorter ramp up which creates increased productivity, increased employee satisfaction and lower turnover

The cost to your organization of a bad hire is three to five times salary. The benchmarking process dramatically increases your chances and confidence in making the right hire the first time.

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