Leadership Development

SM Advisors coaching and leadership development processes focus on optimizing the success of the individual while achieving organizational objectives. We accomplish this through a documented individual development plan and one-on-one coaching. In addition to substantial leadership experience, SM Advisors’ Certified Behavioral Analysts will deliver one of the most important aspects of continuous personal growth – professional accountability.

General overview of a coaching and leadership development process:

  • Goals and measurements are established for the coaching process
  • Specific behavioral assessments taken
  • Documented analysis of assessment results
  • One-on-one debriefing of results, plus coaching
  • Creation of professional/individual development plans to include action plans and completion dates
  • Plan execution review program is established to ensure accountability and personal growth

Benefits of individual and team development sessions:

  • Documented, certified behavioral analysis
  • Significant learning opportunity regarding natural and adaptive behavioral styles, workplace motivators, and natural skills
  • Candid dialogue on strengths and growth opportunities
  • Build an individual development plan that includes action plans for continued professional growth. Follow-up meetings will ensure these action plans are completed
  • Proven development tools to enhance performance
  • Build high levels of self esteem to become stronger leaders
  • Bottom line: build a high-performance Leadership Team that will lead your company to the next level of profitability and success
  • Increase retention by ensuring that employees are placed in positions that fit their natural behavioral style, motivators and skills. Employees with skill set alignment:
    1. Perform at a higher level
    2. Have higher productivity
    3. Higher job satisfaction
    4. Lower turnover
    5. Love what they do

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