Recruiting & Hiring Process

Have you made hiring mistakes? The cost of poor hire is estimated at three to five times annual compensation. These hiring mistakes usually happen due to not having the best practices and tools in place.

The Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Process and its talent management system provide several unique methodologies that focus on making the right hire the first time.

  1. Strategy – SM Advisors clearly understands the strategy of your organization and the skill sets needed to execute it. With our outside perspective, in some cases we have greater clarity on what the organization needs than they do themselves.
  2. Understand the Team – SM Advisors understands the culture and dynamics of the team we are going to add a new member to, ensuring the best fit.
  3. Certified Behavioral Analysts – Through the use of behavioral assessments, SM Advisors provides you the information that you can’t obtain in interviews to make the best hiring decision. We can accurately measure a candidate’s soft skills, behaviors, motivators, values, capacities, competencies, emotional intelligence, intellectual intelligence, and thinking patterns required for superior performance.
  4. Job Benchmarking – This proprietary process clearly defines what the optimum performer looks like for the position. All candidates’ assessments are compared to the benchmark through a gap report to make the best hiring decision.
  5. Interview Strategies – Specific strategies will be developed for each interviewer and candidate. Focused strategies get you the right information to make the right hiring decision.
  6. Proven Process – SM Advisors recruiting and hiring process has multiple decision filters to ensure you make the right hire the first time.

SM Advisors can help you implement a world-class selection process that will include these high level steps:

  • Benchmarking  – Define what an optimum performer looks like for the position
  • Use our extensive database and network to build a qualified candidate pool
  • Use several decision filters to ensure you interview only the top candidates
  • As Certified Behavioral Analyst, we will provide you an in-depth analysis on each candidate’s profile vs. the benchmark
  • Provide you specific questions tailored to the candidate and the position
  • Complete background and reference checks
  • Provide a new employee integration plan dramatically reduces ramp up time and creates immediate return on investment of your new hire. This orientation includes debriefings with the candidate and their supervisor as well as the entire team
  • Follow up meetings to review performance and implementation of individual development plan

Do it right the first time by letting SM Advisors help you Build the Team To Achieve Your Dream®.

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