Talent Assessment

As Certified Professional Behavioral Analysts in 4 behavioral sciences, SM Advisors provides the tools and processes for your organization to gain a deep understanding of both the team and each individual. This mutual understanding and the application of the information will dramatically improve the performance of each employee, the leadership team, and the entire organization. Talent assessments can either be part of the strategic planning process or as an independent team development process.

  • Individual
    • Behavioral style
      • Identifies the natural style of the individual
      • How to most effectively communicate with the individual
      • How to manage and motivate the individual
      • Ideal work environment
      • Provides action plans for continuous improvement
    • Motivators
      • Prioritizes the motivators of each employee to ensure what truly drives the actions and decisions of each employee in the workplace
    • Thinking Skills/Soft Skills
      • Identifies the individual’s soft skills to determine job fit and coaching opportunities
      • Soft skills are the difference between an average and a high performer
      • Individuals are typically hired for their hard skills and fired for their lack of soft skills
  • Team
    • Behavioral style balance of the team
    • Motivator make-up of the team
    • Identify root cause of an under-performing team and put action plans in place to resolve it
    • Identify behavioral conflict or communication issues and resolve them

An accurate talent assessment allows you to:

  • Lay the foundation to develop a team communication plan and a company communication system
  • Ensure that each individual is in the position that brings the greatest value to himself/herself and the organization
  • Identify key skill set voids and initiate a selection process by benchmarking the role
  • Create a team development and communication plan
  • Resolve team dysfunction and/or conflicts within the team
  • Create an individual development plan for each team member
  • Develop a coaching plan to assist the person in optimizing potential
  • Hold training workshops

The true benefit of these tools is not to simply take the assessments, but to apply the information to build a skill set aligned, high-performance team. We will train you on how to read and apply the assessment results for higher performance.

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