Team Development / Communication Plan

Few things in an organization are more important than a cohesive high performance team. Why? Because together they will identify and resolve any issue that comes their way.

SM Advisors Team Development includes working with the following teams:

  • Board of directors/Advisors
  • Leadership team
  • Management team
  • Department teams
  • Sales teams
  • Operational teams

General overview of a development process:

  • Behavioral Assessments are taken by each team member
  • One-on-one debriefing with each team member by a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst
  • Team development session – Each member presents their behavioral style to the team with action plans for improvement creates breakthroughs
  • Development of a team communication plan detailed the most effective methods to communicate and work together with each team member
  • Creation of professional/personal development plans that include action plans and completion dates
  • Plan execution review program is established

Development can be part of the strategic and department planning process or as a stand alone team development process.

Development of a team communication plan will increase the level of performance of the team. Communication plans identify how to most effectively communicate with each member of the team. The team development session usually leads to the most candid conversations the team has ever had. It is what we take to call a breakthrough.

Training Workshops:

  • Increase team performance – Educate the organizational teams on the behavioral profiles and how to use them to improve themselves, their interaction and communication with colleagues, leading to a higher performing organization.
  • Increase sales – Educate sales team on how to user their behavioral style training/knowledge to sell a customer on how they want to be sold.

Benefits of individual and team development sessions:

  • You’ll receive a documented, certified behavioral analysis on each team member
  • Significant learning opportunity for each member of the team regarding their natural and adaptive behavioral style, workplace motivators and soft skills
  • Candid dialogue individually and as a team on the different behavioral styles on the team and the value that each style brings to the team
  • The strengths and weaknesses of each style are now factual (on-paper) which creates the opportunity for straightforward non-emotional discussion
  • Understands the behavioral make up of the team
  • Build a communication plan that details how to communicate and work more effectively with each member of the team
  • Executive coaching with each team member
  • Build an individual development plan that will include action plans for continued professional growth. Follow up meetings will ensure these action plans are completed
  • Address any skill set misalignment
  • Understand the tools that are available to build a skill-set aligned team across the organization
  • Dramatically increase the cohesiveness and performance of the team
  • Develop next steps to increase the performance of each department by having each member of the Leadership Team share their assessment results with their direct reports

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